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Cheap RV Registration & No Sales Tax with a Montana LLC

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Registering your RV under a Montana LLC, you save lots of money on licensing fee, taxes an inspection fee. Although some people tend to think that it’s a form of tax evasion, the Federal law doesn’t prohibit a citizen from setting up an LLC anywhere. Let us have a look at how it is done and some of its benefits.

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Retirement is in mind and probably you are wondering how you will spend the rest of your life. The era of spending your days after retirement on a golf course is long gone. If you are looking for more adventure and more creativity at lower costs, then you should try the RV lifestyle.

The Recreation vehicle lifestyle is gaining momentum as the baby boomers hit their retirement age. For between $3000 and $3 million, you could find a good RV that will suit your retirement. If you grew up camping, then this is the perfect way of enjoying your time after retirement. Think about the cold weather RV’ing in Alaska or the summer RV’ing camping trips in the south complemented with the amazing snowbird RV parks.

The LLC is a Separate Entity

Bear in mind that when you establish a Montana LLC, it becomes a separate entity from you. Other people may have part ownership in it, if you choose, but the LLC is your company. The most important thing is that the LLC does not pay sales tax. The Federal government has no interest in your LLC apart from looking at your income declared on your tax form.

The Benefits of Tax-Free Montana RV Registration

There are lots of benefits that you will enjoy once you register your RV under a Montana LLC. Some of the benefits include:

  1. No annual inspections

  2. You avoid sales taxes

  3. The licensing fee is low

  4. No personal property tax

  5. Your LLC is a separate entity from you personally

You Don’t Have to be a Resident of Montana

Technically, you don’t have to be a resident of Montana for you to grab this opportunity. A trusted registered agent who lives in Montana can guide you through the whole process.

How Does the Whole Process of a Montana LLC RV Registration Work?

Work with a registered agent that resides in Montana to help you with the registration process. The job of the agent is to ensure that everything has been taken care of besides providing you with a physical address located in Montana.

The good thing about registering an RV under the LLC is that the whole process can be handled via email, phone or even fax and it won’t take a lot of time. The convenience of the process ensures you have the best RV experience.

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