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Registering your LLC with LLCTLC comes with plenty of perks and is completely stress-free. If you register in Montana, it will include your annual reports.

more about Annual Reports

Annual reports are a requirement for LLCs in most states, including Montana and. These reports, although varying from state to state, typically contain essential information such as your company's name, street address, and the name and contact details of your registered agent. It is crucial to file these reports as they ensure that the state has up-to-date information about your company, preventing any complications that may arise from outdated records.


Failing to file your annual report by the designated deadline can result in severe penalties, including late fees and the loss of good standing with the Secretary of State's office. To assist you in staying compliant, LLCTLC takes proactive measures by initiating information update requests starting in late December, ensuring that your report is prepared and filed on time. By entrusting LLCTLC with your annual report filing, you can avoid the potential consequences of missing the deadline and maintain a solid standing for your business.

Questions about annual reports?


What happens if I don't file my Annual Report?

If you fail to file your Annual Report, the state will automatically dissolve (shut down) your LLC.  Luckily, LLCTLC and our Registered Agents are here to take care of your reporting and filing needs. 

What is included in the Filing Service?

LLCTLC will keep track of important due dates, and prepare and file your reports on your behalf. We'll keep you updated throughout the journey. 

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