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What is a Registered Agent, and Why Do I Need One?

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In order to file your LLC, you are required by law to appoint a Registered Agent.

A Registered Agent (or RA) is a person or company designated to receive official mail on behalf of a business — your business. The registered agent must be legally allowed to do business in the state.

RAs are required in many states, so that the LLC can physically receive mail or legal documents.

When an individual, government agency, or process server wants to formally contact a business, they consult the registered agent information on file and send mail or legal documents to the business’s registered agent. This is especially relevant for out-of-state LLC owners who cannot be in-state to receive the court paperwork. 

When we receive these documents on behalf of our clients,  LLCTLC forwards all relevant documentation in a timely manner.

Business insurance and other protection is always advised for LLC owners. If you have questions about what type of protections you need to have in place, a corporate lawyer can advise you.

Mail Forwarding Services

Let us receive your mail in Montana and forward it to you weekly. All mail forwarding services include our free “toss the junk” plan, which could save you half the cost of postage.

With our electronic mail forwarding plan, scanned mail is uploaded to your personal folder in our convenient online customer portal for you to read anywhere in the world (postage is added for parcels).

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How do I know if a Registered Agent is qualified?

Your Registered Agent should have a current business license and street address in the state. You can search for qualified Registered Agents online through Montana’s official state website.

I live outside the United States.

Can you serve as my 

registered agent so that I can form my LLC in Montana?

Yes, as your registered agent we provide a mailing and physical address for your Montana LLC. We also provide an address for the Montana Secretary of State and for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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How do I register a vehicle in Montana?

We help you file a Montana LLC, and act as the registered agent by providing a Montana address from which to conduct business.

Once the LLC is filed, you can use it right away to register vehicles. You own the LLC and the company owns the vehicles.

montana registered agent llc formation

LLC  Formation

Let us help you start an LLC in Montana, New Mexico, or Wyoming, letting you know the specific benefits offered by each state. 

montana vehicle registration classic cars

Vehicle Registration

Your cars, motorcycles,

ATVs, RVs, UTVs, luxury cars, trailers, boats, and aircraft can all be registered under your LLC. 

montana registered agent llc formation

Annual Reports

LLCs are required to file annual reports. LLCTLC will remind you when reports are due, and file them for you. 

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