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If you are purchasing your vehicle from a dealership, you MUST submit the following letter/communication to your dealership:

To whom it may concern,

Please make sure you submit the title work for my vehicle to the following address:

LLCTLC - Title Department
415 N. Benton Avenue
Helena, MT 59601

If you require title work to be sent to a county DMV, please call my representative at LLCTLC so they can inform you of which county DMV to send it to: (877) 913-5100

If you would like a copy of the registration for your records, please provide contact information with the title work packet.

Thank you!

*If you do not follow the instructions above, the registration of my vehicle may be delayed 12+ weeks. 

*Any request for personalized plates may also not be honored if title work is not sent to the correct address.

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