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Get Montana tags to make your
SxS Street-Legal for $895!

LLCTLC has helped hundreds of other SxS/UTV/ATV owners become street-legal with Montana plates!

*If you financed or plan to finance your SxS, make sure you let us know.

Wishing you could drive a SXS/ATV/UTV/Quadricycle on the road? LLCTLC has helped hundreds of SxS/UTV/ATV owners become street-legal with Montana plates! In Montana, all these off-road vehicles can be registered for both street-legal and off-road use. We’ll set up a Montana LLC for you, and get you a street-legal registration for your UTV so you can legally drive on the road.


Here’s how it works: 

  1. Fill out our form below.

  2. We'll send you information to purchase your street-legal SxS package.

  3. Once purchased, we’ll email you follow-up documents and have your LLC set up within a business day.

  4. You’ll mail us the title work for your street legal SxS, made out into the name of your LLC.

  5. From the time we get your off-road vehicle’s title work, we’ll get to work and mail you the plates and registration about 21 business days later.

  6. You’ll receive the Montana title for your vehicle between 4-6 weeks after the registration is issued and officially have a street-legal SxS/UTV/ATV/Quadricycle!


*If you financed or plan to finance your SxS or other off-road vehicle, make sure you let us know.


Our Street Legal Package includes a Montana LLC set-up and the fees for the plates, title, and street-legal registration for your SxS or any other off-road vehicle eligible for Montana registration. Your vehicle, whether it’s a dirt bike, side-by-side, or quadricycle, will be street-legal with your new Montana plates and permanently registered, so there are no annual vehicle renewal fees.


​Annual Renewal Fees of just $165 are due every January, which includes our registered agent fees for the year and the filing of your annual report as required by the Montana Secretary of State’s office to keep your LLC active and make sure your UTV stays street legal.

*If you financed your SxS, make sure to let us know in the form below.

"What do I need to do to my SxS/UTV/ATV to make it street legal?"

Below you will find our "Montana Street Legal SxS Checklist". This checklist lays out the features your SxS/UTV/ATV/Quadricycle will need to make it street legal.

Ready to make your SxS/UTV/ATV Street Legal?

Fill out the form below and we'll send you all the information you need!
Street Legal SxS Sign Up
Street Legal Contact Form
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Calculate your savings!

We can save you thousands on your vehicle purchase with a Montana LLC! Montana has NO sales tax, therefore by purchasing the vehicle under your Montana LLC, you can avoid your state's sales tax. Use our handy tax savings calculator to get an estimate of how much you can save with our Montana Registered Agent services.

FAQ for Street Legal UTVs (Street Legal SxS)

Can you drive UTV or SxS on the road in Montana?

Yes! Because of this, you can use a Montana Registered Agent to start a Montana LLC and make your SxS/UTV street legal in the state that you live in with Montana tags. (Montana vehicle registration.)

My SxS title says "off-highway/off-road only" - can I still register it to be street legal?

Yes!  Montana will register and title your SXS/ATV/UTV as a street-legal quadricycle, even if your current ownership document says “off-highway/off-road only".

Can you make ANY UTV or SxS machine street legal?

Montana will issue a street legal registration for any vehicles that:

A) meet all requirements on the self-inspection checklist and

B) have the appropriate ownership documents


What happens if I get pulled over in my street legal SxS? WILL I get pulled over?

If this happens, all you have to do is present a valid driver's license, vehicle registration, and insurance and explain that your street-legal UTV is registered in Montana and meets all of Montana's necessary street legal requirements.

Is it illegal to have my street legal UTV or Street Legal SxS registered in Montana?

No! Since your Montana LLC technically owns your vehicle, it is completely legal and you are protected from any state laws that require you to transfer title/registration within a certain number of days.

Does Montana’s so-called car registration loophole apply to off-road vehicles?

Montana’s registration standards, popularly known 'Montana car registration loophole', refers to the advantages of registering vehicles under a Montana LLC. This loophole is particularly beneficial for owners of off-road vehicles like dirt bikes and UTVs, as it allows for legal street use in many cases.

Can I make my dirt bikes street-legal with Montana LLC registration?

Yes! Through LLCTLC's services, you can make your dirt bikes street-legal by registering them under a Montana LLC. This includes obtaining Montana license plates, ensuring your dirt bike meets street legal requirements.

What are the requirements to make a dirt bike street legal in Montana?

To make your dirt bike street legal, you'll need to meet specific equipment standards. LLCTLC provides a dirt bike street legal kit checklist that complies with Montana's regulations. Once your bike meets these standards, it can be registered under your Montana LLC.

Can I use LLCTLC’s services for street-legal ATV and SXS Registration?

Absolutely! LLCTLC specializes in making ATVs and SXSs street-legal by providing Montana LLC car registration. This allows you to legally drive your off-road vehicles on public roads with your new Montana plates.

Can I get a street-legal electric bike? Is that possible with Montana registration?

Yes, LLCTLC can assist in making your electric bike street-legal through Montana registration. This process involves meeting Montana's street legal requirements and obtaining Montana license plates through the LLC we will set up for you.

Are go-karts eligible to become street-legal with Montana registration?

While go-karts are typically not street-legal, registering them under a Montana LLC will allow you to drive them on the road with Montana plates!

Do I have to transfer the title and registration to my home state after using your services?

Because we set up a Montana LLC and your LLC owns your street legal UTV, you will not have to do any transferring of title and registration as long as your Montana LLC is active.

Because your Montana LLC owns the vehicle, you are protected from any state laws that require you to transfer title/registration within a certain number of days.

What our street-legal clients have to say:

5 star vehicle registration montana.png

"Very helpful and friendly over the phone. They made everything as easy as possible for me. They did everything I needed and did it in a timely manor. I now have a Street legal SXS and a Street legal Dirt bike.” - Brian G.

5 star vehicle registration montana.png

“Extremely friendly staff, quick responds , fast turnaround time! This company is the real deal for getting your expensive toys street-legal. best money spent for street legal SxS!" - Patrick K.

5 star vehicle registration montana.png

"Great company to work with on my LLC. This was the first time I had a need of an LLC and the process was easy and the support was great. No issues. I have recommended LLCTLC to multiple people." - Michael H.

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