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The 2025 Fisker Ronin: Convertible Electric Supercar with Record-Setting 600-Mile Range

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Fisker's Vision for 2025

Fisker's ambition is clear: to pioneer a future where electric vehicles do not compromise on style, power, or environmental consciousness. By 2025, the company envisions itself at the forefront of electric vehicles, integrating cutting-edge technology with classical car aesthetics that cater to both casual drivers and automobile aficionados. This is evidenced by the planned line up of vehicles from this manufacturer, from the agile and affordable PEAR, to the pinnacle of technology and performance in the Ronin.

A Deep Dive into the Ronin's Design Philosophy

When one looks at the Fisker Ronin, it's evident that this isn't just another car—it's a work of art. The Ronin’s design carries an essence that is reminiscent of iconic Grand Tourers while seamlessly incorporating futuristic aesthetics. Every curve and line is deliberate, creating a stunning blend of form and function. One of the standout features is its convertible design, allowing drivers to experience open-air freedom while engaging in the powerful, fully eclectic ride.

The Ronin is undeniably modern and timeless at the same time. It’s as if Fisker took the essence of the old and melded it with the new - A tribute to the famed John Frankenheimer film, the Ronin’s design is influenced by cinematic car chases and evokes a sense of motion even when in park.

Behind the aesthetics is a deeper story. Fisker has created a line up that demonstrates that electric vehicles can indeed be masterpieces of design, luxury, and performance.

The 600-Mile Target Range

Arguably the most astounding feature of the Ronin is its ambitious 600-mile target range. In an industry where a 300-400 mile range is excellent, Fisker's goal for the Ronin to travel 600 miles on a single charge would be record breaking, and is highly anticipated.

If Fisker achieves this target, Ronin drivers would have the luxury of long road trips without the constant worry of finding the next charging station. The wide open road would be vastly transformed! Imagine setting off from Reno and arriving in San Diego with miles to spare, all on one charge. This would make the Ronin not just an enviable city commuter but a genuine long-distance cruiser with style to spare.

While achieving this range will likely involve cutting-edge battery technology and perhaps some yet-to-be-revealed innovations, it's clear that Fisker is making a bold statement. It's not just about setting a new standard; it's about completely reshaping expectations for what an electric vehicle can and should be able to achieve. The 600-mile range is not merely a number—it's a testament to Fisker's dedication to pushing the boundaries of EV technology.

From 0-60 in 2.0 Seconds

A feature often associated with high-end sports cars and electric supercars in particular is their blistering acceleration, and the Fisker Ronin doesn’t disappoint. Clocking in at 2.0 seconds from a standstill to 60 mph, the Ronin situates itself comfortably amongst the automotive world's elite, rivaling and even surpassing most internal combustion supercars. This kind of acceleration in an electric vehicle underscores the immense power and efficiency of electric drivetrains.

A Convertible EV with Style

Convertible cars have long been symbols of freedom, open roads, and the joy of driving. The Ronin, in its elegant convertible avatar, takes this legacy and pushes it into the electric age. With its folding carbon-fiber hardtop, the car offers a seamless transition between a robust sports sedan and an open-air cruiser. Whether you're driving through urban cityscapes or cruising along coastal roads, the Ronin promises an immersive experience.

Production & Exclusivity

The automotive industry is no stranger to the allure of limited-edition vehicles. Exclusivity in the realm of supercars brings with it an essence of prestige. With Fisker setting a cap at a mere 999 vehicles, this limited run not only ensures that each Ronin is crafted with meticulous attention to detail but also that every owner becomes a part of an elite group of global automotive aficionados. Ronin owners know that it’s not just about driving an electric supercar; it’s about being part of an exclusive club that values style, performance and sustainability.

Pricing and Reservations

As with any work of art, luxury, and innovation, the Ronin comes with a price tag that mirrors its unique offering. Starting at $385,000, this electric supercar aims to provide value that goes beyond mere numbers. Interested buyers have the opportunity to secure their very own Ronin with an initial deposit - a testament to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the vehicle.

Henrik Fisker on Ronin's Mission

In his words, the Ronin is a "classic grand touring car, updated for the 21st century." Henrik envisioned a vehicle that could traverse from Los Angeles to Napa Valley on a single charge, and with the Ronin's 600-mile range, it seems his vision will come true in 2025.

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