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Save Money on Your Out-of-State RV Purchase with a Montana LLC

Updated: May 2

When purchasing an RV, buyers often face a crucial decision: should they buy the RV out-of-state or through a Limited Liability Company (LLC), particularly one formed in a state like Montana? An even deeper question is, can you do both? Spoiler: The answer to that last question is yes! But we’ll explore this decision which can impact not only the initial purchase cost but also long-term ownership expenses such as taxes, registration fees, and compliance requirements. 

Understanding the Basics of Out-of-State RV Purchases

Out-of-state RV purchases can be appealing due to potential price difference in another state, or better availability of different models. But if you do it without an LLC, it’s not a simple process. When you buy an RV from another state, you must consider several factors:

  • Sales Tax: Depending on your home state and the state of purchase, you might save on sales tax. However, when you bring the RV back to your state, you may be subject to your local sales tax unless you register the RV in the state where it was purchased.

  • Registration and Insurance: Registering your RV in your state of residence might involve inspections, emissions tests, and other compliance checks. Insurance rates may also vary based on where the RV was purchased and where it will be primarily used.

  • Travel and Transportation Costs: Consider the costs and logistics of bringing the RV from the state of purchase to your home state. These might offset any initial savings on the purchase price.

The Advantages of Buying an RV Through a Montana LLC

On the other hand, forming an LLC in Montana to purchase and own your RV presents several advantages:

  • No Sales Tax: Montana has no sales tax, which means significant savings on the upfront cost of an RV. This can be particularly advantageous for high-value luxury RVs purchases in states such as California, where the sales tax in Los Angeles, San Diego and more could be tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Simplified Registration: Montana offers a streamlined process for registering vehicles through an LLC, avoiding many of the bureaucratic hurdles found in other states. Additionally, Montana does not require vehicle inspections, which further simplifies the buying process and future ownership of your RV.

  • Have Your Cake And Eat It Too: It’s completely possible to buy an RV out of state and also register it under an LLC using our services. This allows you to potentially save big on lower-priced RVs, avoid sales tax, and skip the home state registration process.

Comparing Costs: Out-of-State Purchase With and Without LLC Formation

When comparing the costs associated with purchasing an RV out-of-state without an LLC or through an LLC, it's essential to consider both upfront expenses and long-term financial implications. Buying an RV directly from another state might seem less expensive at first glance due to potentially lower sticker prices. However, the initial savings can be overshadowed by subsequent costs.

Out-of-State Purchase Costs Without an LLC:

  • Sales Tax: You may initially avoid the sales tax of the state where you purchase the RV, but you will likely have to pay your home state's sales tax when you register it.

  • Registration and Compliance Costs: Each state has different requirements which can lead to additional costs for inspections and meeting emissions standards.

Costs Associated with LLC Formation:

  • LLC Setup Fees: These include the cost of forming an LLC and the ongoing annual fees. At LLCTLC, we believe in passing on the savings to our clients, so we keep these costs as a flat fee which is low compared to the potential tax savings.

  • Vehicle Registration: Montana's registration fees are generally straightforward and not significantly higher than other states.

While the initial setup for an LLC involves some costs, the net savings of potentially tens of thousands of dollars on sales taxes and other ownership expenses can easily make the LLC route the more financially savvy option.

Tax Implications: Saving Money with a Montana LLC

The tax implications of purchasing an RV through a Montana LLC can lead to substantial savings, making it the clear winner when considering financial aspects of RV ownership.

Out-of-State Purchase Tax Costs Without an LLC:

  • Sales Tax: Depending on your home state, the sales tax can significantly inflate the overall cost of an RV. Even if you register the RV in the state you buy it in (which can be impractical without an LLC), sales tax is usually still imposed in the state where it was purchased.

  • Annual Taxes: Some states also impose personal property taxes on RVs, which can add significantly to the annual costs of ownership.

Montana LLC Tax Advantages:

  • No Sales Tax: One of the most compelling benefits of purchasing your RV through a Montana LLC is the absence of sales tax. This can translate into savings of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the RV’s price.

  • No Personal Property Tax: Montana does not levy personal property taxes on vehicles, which can further reduce the cost of owning an RV.

Start Your RV Adventure with LLCTLC

Ready to enjoy the benefits of owning your new RV without the hefty sales tax? Choose LLCTLC as your Montana Registered Agent! With over 20 years of experience, LLCTLC offers unmatched expertise in Montana LLC formations and vehicle registrations, ensuring that your process is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your needs. LLCTLC is here to help you save money and navigate the legalities of LLC formation with ease.

Contact LLCTLC today to set up your Montana LLC and start enjoying the benefits of your purchase without the burden of excessive sales tax!


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