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How to Save on Taxes and Holiday Gifts (with an LLC)

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Black Friday is here, Cyber Monday is around the corner, and holiday shopping season is officially upon us! Even with all the sales this time of year, most families spend thousands of dollars on Hanukkah and Christmas presents for their friends, families, and coworkers.

But what if you could save thousands of dollars on your purchases without extreme couponing or standing in line for hours? With an LLC, you can earn so many savings on many purchases that you might not be able to otherwise.

You can save on gifts like cars, boats, or even aircraft! Let us help you make your dreams come true while staying frugal along the way with some of the best new cars for 2021.

What is an LLC and How Does It Work?

An LLC, or Limited Liability Company, is a legal entity that can both do business and hold assets. Thanks to the latter, an LLC can purchase high-ticket items like exotic vehicles or RVs and save you money on vehicle registration.

Some of the most popular assets an LLC can hold are cars, boats, and planes.

How to Set up an LLC

In states like Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico, you can establish a Limited Liability Company without even leaving your home.

All you need is a company name, a Registered Agent, and a physical mailing address for your LLC, and you’re on the way to setting up a legal business.

Once the necessary documents are filed with the respective state, an LLC can begin operating, with a Registered Agent in the state there to handle any on-site needs such as mail forwarding.

What an LLC Can Do for You

An LLC can purchase things like cars and boats and save thousands on property taxes and sales taxes. Every state offers different incentives.

For example, in Montana, an LLC benefits from allowing you to register vehicles without paying sales or personal property tax.

In Wyoming, you can skip the state income tax and capital gains tax. And in New Mexico, you can get excellent privacy protection, and where the only annual requirement is maintaining an in-state Registered Agent.

If you don’t live in one of these states, that’s no problem — LLCTLC can do all the heavy lifting for you and get your business ready to purchase your dream car or family RV for one flat fee in Montana, or helping save money on assets held by a Wyoming company.

Set Up Your LLC Today

LLCTLC has Registered Agents in Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico to help you start and maintain your Limited Liability Company. We can file annual reports on your behalf, collect and forward any important mail to your home, and get SxSs and speciality vehicles registered and on the road nationwide.

Let our Registered Agents help you set up your company and sit back and enjoy the benefits from the holiday season through the summer for year-round savings and protection of your assets.

Call us today, and we can start the process and get you on your way to savings!


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