• Britta Cech

New Year, New Models: The 10 Most Exciting 2021 Cars, SUVs, and Trucks

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

The end of 2020 means both the end of a rough year and the release of new luxury car models and electric vehicles for 2021.

As car enthusiasts ourselves, LLCTLC is excited for a bunch of new cars in 2021. The following models are our top 10, and run the vehicle gamut. Whether it’s luxury, nostalgia, or a superpowered motor, these vehicles are the latest and greatest from the automotive industry next year.


The Best Cars of 2021

After a slow year for the auto industry in 2020, consumers are excited to see what a new year can bring to dealerships and showrooms nationwide.

2021 BMW i4

After years of silence, BMW is finally moving forward with additional members of its “i” family of electric vehicles.

The BMW i4 marks BMW’s third EV and touts an