• Britta Cech

Summer Fun USA! Save On Boats And Water Crafts All Year Long

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

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LLCs In Montana

Limited liability companies (LLCs) can be taxed as either a partnership or corporation. Montana doesn’t have a “privilege tax” or a “franchise tax” for doing business in the state, so unless you run a true corporation, your corporation as an entity is exempt from tax. This makes it much cheaper to do business in the state. You can form a Montana LLC and register your RVs, airplanes, jet skis, fishing boats, watercrafts, yachts, work trailers, vehicles and other moveable properties under your new limited liability company.

How Forming Your LLC In Montana Benefits You

First of all, registering all your LLC properties can be expensive if you opt to register in other states with double taxation and do apply a sales tax policy. By having an LLC in the state of Montana, you can have your summer fun with boats and water crafts all year round plus save on tax dollars. Here are a few benefits that an LLC provides: