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Pay $0 in Sales Tax and Save Money on Your Exotic Car Purchase!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Any business that operates outside of Montana can benefit from starting a Montana LLC. The reason Montana is a no-sales tax state is that it is a pro-business state, in which it’s easier to launch a business than in most other states.

Key Montana LLC Advantages:

  1. Quick turnaround time: We'll file your LLC with the Montana Secretary of State within 1 business day of your purchase, and your vehicle registration will be complete within 21 business days of receiving your vehicle's title.

  2. Tax-free purchasing of moveable property

  3. Allows you to easily manage movable property

  4. Create a corporate structure by combining LLCs from different states

  5. No emissions tests or vehicle inspections

  6. Keep your existing driver’s license

  7. Avoid paying personal property tax

  8. You won’t need a lawyer

  9. Protect your assets and limit your liability

How Much Money You Can Save

Savings will vary based on your sales tax when you purchase boats, vehicles, or aircraft. If your business depends on making many of these purchases, your savings will be thousands of dollars.

For instance, if your state's sales tax rate is 6.5%, and you buy a $150,000 vehicle, you'd owe your state $9,750 in sales tax. But, if you purchase that vehicle under your Montana LLC with LLCTLC as your Montana Registered Agent, you'll pay $0 in sales tax and can purchase a package for as low as $1,295! That saves you $8,455 on that one vehicle purchase alone.

How Montana LLCs Benefits an Exotic Car Buyer

Not only will you avoid paying thousands of extra dollars on sales tax, but you can also save money on vehicle registration in Montana. In California, for example, it may cost over $100,000 to register an exotic car worth over $1 million, but in Montana registration for that same vehicle only costs a few hundred dollars.  Montana also has the lowest rate in America for license plates.

Why choose LLCTLC as your Montana Registered Agent?

Not only can we save you thousands of dollars on your purchases, but we provide a personalized and efficient service. Our incredible Montana Registered Agents are communicative and take immediate action in filing your LLC and registering your vehicles. Contact us today to start paying $0 in sales tax.

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