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Living the RV Life this Labor Day

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

RV Night Life

With many still sheltering in place across the country, Labor Day should look a little different this year. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying the long weekend with a quick family trip in the RV to some of the country’s most beautiful secluded spots. 


The beauty of RV life is you control the vacation. There’s no booked hotels, there’s no overly crowded beaches, and there’s no noisy neighbors. Whether it’s you and your partner or a whole family retreat, these self-contained vacation machines bring a new world of experiences to your average road trip.

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to travel: warm weather and numerous camping spots open across the country make it the ideal time for a getaway. While the beach is a popular Labor Day getaway destination for many, an RV allows you the freedom to relax in some of the most beautiful destinations found anywhere between the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

RVs are All About Convenience


Most National Parks have full RV hookups, and an average maximum length of 27 feet for recreational vehicles; but a couple dozen feet of space under the open sky and bright stars is better than the few hundreds of square feet in some hotel room! 

A full RV hookup offers luxuries to campers like the use of the RV air conditioner or heater without the annoying generator for an independent camping experience with many of the comforts of home at your fingertips! Love to cook? You’ll bring your kitchen with you. More into electronics? Wifi boosters and home entertainment centers are also available to the avid RV vacationer. Bring all of your most loved amenities from home along for the ride. 

Investing in an RV is Savvy Traveling

The investment for a recreational vehicle can be high upfront, but it pays for itself within a few trips when you count how many hotels you’ve avoided and how many miles you didn’t put on the family car. If you’re an avid fan of the great outdoors, or just starting out on your explanation of the open American road, an RV is a great option. 

Looking to get your first RV and want to know more? Check out our blog on RV sales tax and how we can help with your purchase.

You also may qualify for some tax deductions! If your RV is equipped with things like permanently-mounted sleeping, cooking, and bathroom facilities, you may be able to claim it as a second home in your tax write-offs. Start your RV life this Labor Day!


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