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Can Your LLC Buy Your New Car For You?

Buying a Car Under an LLC

Purchasing a car under a Limited Liability Company (LLC) has many benefits but it can seem hard to get started. We’ll walk you through some of the advantages of purchasing a vehicle through an LLC, the general tax implications, and a few important insurance considerations.

Montana registration for new car purchases has saved our clients a lot of money. Let’s look at some of the main reasons our clients take advantage of our personalized services:

Advantages of Purchasing a Vehicle Through an LLC

There are several benefits to purchasing a vehicle under an LLC, particularly when you register the LLC in Montana. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Tax Savings: Montana does not impose sales tax on vehicle purchases, which means registering your LLC in Montana could lead to significant savings, especially for high-value vehicles.

  2. Privacy: Owning a car through an LLC can offer an added layer of privacy, as the vehicle will be registered under the LLC's name instead of your personal name. In addition, our Armored Privacy Package provides even greater privacy.

  3. Limited Liability: As the name suggests, an LLC provides limited liability protection. In the event of an accident or lawsuit, your personal assets may be better protected if the vehicle is owned by an LLC.

Tax Benefits and Implications of LLC Vehicle Ownership

One of the most attractive aspects of purchasing a vehicle through a Montana-registered LLC is the tax savings. Since Montana does not impose any sales tax at all on vehicle purchases, you can save a substantial amount when buying a car through a Montana LLC. This can be especially beneficial for luxury or high-value vehicles. (That’s where we do most of our work for our clients!)

Insurance Considerations for LLC-Owned Cars

Insurance is another vital aspect of LLC vehicle ownership. We recommend talking with your current agent first, and making sure they understand that your vehicle will be registered in Montana, but driven and garaged in your home state. Most agents are able to find you a good rate and insure your vehicle. However, if they are unable or unwilling to insure the vehicle, we have insurance partners we can refer you to who can make sure you are able to insure the vehicle.

State Regulations and Compliance for LLC Vehicle Ownership

Each state has its own laws and regulations concerning LLC vehicle ownership, so it's essential to understand the specific requirements in your state. When registering your LLC in Montana, you'll benefit from the state's favorable vehicle registration laws, including no sales tax on vehicle purchases. However, you must still comply with your home state's rules regarding vehicle use and insurance.

Is an LLC Vehicle Purchase Right for You?

Deciding whether an LLC vehicle purchase is right for you depends on your unique situation and needs. Here are some questions to consider when making your decision:

  1. Are you looking for privacy protection when it comes to vehicle ownership?

  2. Would you benefit from the sales-tax savings offered by a Montana LLC?

  3. Does your state have high renewal fees?

If the answer to these questions is "yes," purchasing a vehicle through a Montana LLC is an excellent option for you.

At LLCTLC, we specialize in helping clients navigate the complexities of starting a Montana LLC and vehicle registration in Montana. Our team is committed to ensuring that you benefit from the advantages Montana LLC vehicle ownership offers while making the process hassle-free for you. Contact our agents today to learn more about our services and how we can get you started with your vehicle savings!


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