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The Benefits of Enjoying Florida's 3,500+ New RV Sites in a Class A

Updated: Feb 12

Adopting the RV Lifestyle in Florida

Florida is already a paradise for RV enthusiasts with its warm weather and tropical ocean views. The Florida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds has announced the addition of 3,596 new RV sites across the state from Gainesville to Tampa Bay and all the way to the Florida Keys. So, for everyone for seasoned snowbirds or Miami natives just beginning to explore the RV lifestyle, the Sunshine State's flourishing RV scene offers unparalleled opportunities, featuring luxury sites like The Surf RV Resort in Palmetto and the Sun Outdoors Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

But for newcomers to the RV scene, the choices can be overwhelming—trailers, 5th wheels, vans, Class C, or Class A motorhomes? Each option has its merits, but with all those sites to enjoy, we will walk through the benefits of enjoying your trips to the fullest in a Class A motorhome.

Class A RVs

Class A RVs can be intimidating due to their size, but they present a range of benefits that set them apart from other types of motorhomes. Characterized by a spacious design, more interior, exterior storage, and higher overall quality. Class A RVs come in various styles and price ranges. These motorhomes usually feature larger kitchens and living areas to provide you with all the comforts of home on the road. Class A offers superior comfort and functionality across the board!

Room to Roam

One of the standout benefits of a Class A RV is the additional space—even a smaller Class A, ranging from 25-28 feet, will provide more room than a comparable Class C. The cockpit area can be used for extra seating or storage when not driving.

This increased size can be vital if you are planning to spend the winter in Florida or take frequent trips around the state. The extra room gives you the freedom to bring along everything you need to fully live and enjoy your trip. With more storage and a layout that allows for easy movement without having to duck or climb over obstacles, a Class A motorhome ensures more room for roaming, living, and experiencing the best of what Florida has to offer.

Quality, Style, and Luxury

Class A RVs are often regarded as the epitome of quality, style, and luxury within the recreational vehicle market. Unlike their Class B and C counterparts, Class A motorhomes frequently come equipped with high-end finishes, plush furnishings, and state-of-the-art appliances. This investment in quality materials and craftsmanship translates into a living environment that does not just feel like a temporary mobile dwelling but a true home on wheels. From elegant interior designs to superior exterior construction, the Class A RV embodies a commitment to style and comfort that can transform every road trip into a five-star experience.

Full-Size Kitchen

One of the standout features of a Class A RV is the full-size kitchen. Unlike smaller RV models, Class A motorhomes often come with a kitchen that rivals those in traditional homes. Equipped with a full-size refrigerator, stove, abundant cabinet space, and even room for a dishwasher, the kitchen in a Class A RV is designed to accommodate both long-term living and entertaining. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast preparing gourmet meals or a family looking to enjoy home-cooked dinners on the road, the Class A kitchen ensures that you have the space and facilities needed to dine in style.

Class A Cockpit Design

When the RV is parked, the cockpit can transition into additional seating or storage, seamlessly integrating with the living space. Automatic levelers and one-piece construction remove some of the typical RV hassles, and the driving experience. With the Class A cockpit design, driving becomes an enjoyable part of the adventure rather than just a means to an end.

Maximum Storage

One of the most practical benefits of a Class A RV is its maximum storage capacity. Designed with long-term travel and full-time living in mind, Class A RVs offer extensive interior cabinets and exterior storage compartments. The generous storage space ensures that you can bring along all the necessary items to fully live and enjoy life on the road, whether you're planning to snowbird in Florida or try every RV park in Florida. Class A RVs make it easy to pack for any adventure without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Automatic Leveling

Automatic leveling is a feature often found in Class A RVs, which adds an element of ease and sophistication to your RV experience. Unlike smaller RVs where manual leveling might require driving up on blocks or using cumbersome tools, Class A motorhomes often come equipped with automatic levelers. These can be activated at the push of a button! This technology not only saves time and effort but ensures a stable and level living environment, no matter where you choose to park.

One-Piece Construction

The one-piece construction of a Class A RV offers distinct advantages in terms of durability and maintenance. Unlike Class C RVs, which can be at risk for developing cab-over leaks, Class A's one-piece design eliminates such issues, resulting in a sturdier and more reliable structure. This construction method enhances both the appearance and functionality of the vehicle, providing a seamless integration of the driving and living areas.

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