• Britta Cech

All About Montana LLCs and RV Ownership

Many people who purchase an RV choose to create an LLC, or limited liability company, in Montana, because of the enormous cost-saving benefits. An LLC is legally a standalone business entity that can provide many tax benefits on large purchases, such as an RV.

Here, we’ll cover:

  1. How to use a Montana LLC to buy an RV tax-free;

  2. A cost savings analysis for Montana LLC and RV ownership; and

  3. How to get started.

How to Use a Montana LLC to Buy an RV Tax-Free

montana llc rv

Once a Montana LLC is set up, it is its own legal entity that you can use to make purchases in Montana, even if you aren’t a state resident. With a Montana LLC, you can purchase an RV—and pay nothing on sales tax upfront, since there is 0% sales tax in Montana. Sales tax from a big-ticket item, such as an RV can sometimes add up to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in sales tax, so using a Montana LLC to buy an RV tax-free can represent enormous savings.

If you need to take out a loan to purchase your RV, you’ll have to make sure your bank will either loan to an LLC or, if financing in your personal name, will agree to your Montana LLC being the sole owner of your vehicle. Clients have mentioned working with Vernon Blanc at https://www.newcoast.com, and Mike Lynch at mike.lynch@lending.associates.com to get financing for their Montana LLC-owned RVs.

When your RV is purchased by your Montana LLC, yo