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All About Montana LLCs and RV Ownership

Many people who purchase an RV choose to create an LLC, or limited liability company, in Montana, because of the enormous cost-saving benefits. An LLC is legally a standalone business entity that can provide many tax benefits on large purchases, such as an RV.

Here, we’ll cover:

  1. How to use a Montana LLC to buy an RV tax-free;

  2. A cost savings analysis for Montana LLC and RV ownership; and

  3. How to get started.

How to Use a Montana LLC to Buy an RV Tax-Free

montana llc rv

Once a Montana LLC is set up, it is its own legal entity that you can use to make purchases in Montana, even if you aren’t a state resident. With a Montana LLC, you can purchase an RV—and pay nothing on sales tax upfront, since there is 0% sales tax in Montana. Sales tax from a big-ticket item, such as an RV can sometimes add up to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in sales tax, so using a Montana LLC to buy an RV tax-free can represent enormous savings.

If you need to take out a loan to purchase your RV, you’ll have to make sure your bank will either loan to an LLC or, if financing in your personal name, will agree to your Montana LLC being the sole owner of your vehicle. Clients have mentioned working with Vernon Blanc at, and Mike Lynch at to get financing for their Montana LLC-owned RVs.

When your RV is purchased by your Montana LLC, your Montana LLC is the legal owner of the RV. You must register and title your RV in the state of Montana, under the LLC’s name only. For insurance, you can get the insurance done in the name of your Montana LLC, or you can have a personal policy with the LLC added as an additional insured party. You can designate individuals who have permission to operate the RV.

What Address Do You Use For a Montana LLC/RV Registration?

LLCTLC can help you handle your registered agent paperwork. We provide the Montana address needed for your Montana LLC, as well as for your RV registration and title.

In addition to the tax benefits, having your registered agent as the valid street address for your LLC can have the added benefit of giving you personal privacy, with our Armored Privacy Package. With this package, a separate LLC is created in New Mexico and then listed as the manager of your Montana entity. This keeps the names of members (owners) out of the public record.

Even though your LLC is legally located in Montana, you won’t miss your mail. We offer mail forwarding options to make sure you don’t miss any important documents related to your Montana LLC and RV ownership.

How Long Will it Take to Register an RV in Montana?

Your Montana LLC will be registered in a business day, and as soon as it is filed it is ready to register your new vehicle. LLCTLC will process your vehicle registration as soon as your Montana LLC is set up and we receive the necessary documents about your RV. After your LLC is filed, you just need to send to us either the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO), or the title that you receive when you buy your RV. Once your paperwork has been submitted, you can expect your plates and registration within 21 business days. We send along the title when the Montana DMV issues it a few weeks later.

A Cost Savings Analysis for Montana LLC and RV Ownership

What is the cost to set up a Montana LLC?

cost of rv and saving

The costs to set up an LLC in Montana include the basic cost to file Articles of Organization for an LLC with the Montana Secretary of State and the price to secure the services of a Registered Agent, which is a legal requirement. Many people also pay for professional assistance for the company filing, to avoid common pitfalls that can complicate the process.

What is the cost to purchase and register an RV with a Montana LLC?

The state of Montana presents a lot of advantages for RV ownership through a Montana LLC. First—Montana is a 0% sales tax state, which means you could save thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars on sales tax upfront. Secondly, Montana has reasonable registration fees and has no use tax or property tax for vehicle registration and requires no vehicle inspections, so there are no added costs. many registered agents that file LLC paperwork don’t offer an easy, flat fee for services that include vehicle registration. LLCTLC is different, offering one flat fee that includes filing your Montana LLC, Registered Agent services, and vehicle registration.

Montana sales tax for RV purchase: $0

Montana use tax for RV registration: $0

Montana property tax for RV registration: $0

Professional services fees for RV registration: Variable

What does a Montana LLC/RV package include?

rv packages

LLCTLC has decades of experience acting as a registered agent for Montana LLCs and helping customers with their Montana LLC vehicle registrations. We offer a comprehensive package, which helps you save time and thousands of dollars by putting professionals in charge of managing the process for your Montana LLC and RV registration.

For one flat fee, our Montana RV LLC package includes:

  1. Initial LLC filing with the Montana Secretary of State,

  2. Handling the Montana registration, license plates and title for your RV; and

  3. Updates with every step of the process.

LLCTLC charges one flat fee of $1,295 for the Montana LLC/RV package. For RVs valued over $300,000, the package is $2,095, to include the additional fees to the Montana Vehicle Department. Many convenient package upgrades are available, depending on your needs, including:

  1. Privacy package (armored): $495

  2. PMB/Basic privacy package: free upon signup!

  3. FedEx License Plate Delivery: $45

  4. Personalized/sponsor plates: variable

Not only does our basic Montana LLC/RV LLC package help you fulfill the state requirement to have a registered agent for your LLC, but we keep things simple so don’t have to navigate complex legal paperwork—you just get to enjoy the tax benefits.

How to Get Started

It’s easy to get started with our simple, secure online process. Click here to get started by creating a new client account, or give us a call at (877) 913-5100.


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