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Why You Need a Montana LLC Registered Agent

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Creating an LLC in Montana can provide you with a wide variety of tax benefits including no sales tax on purchases, no use tax on vehicle registration, and the ability to itemize deductions on annual tax filings. Many who create a Montana LLC choose to employ the services of a registered agent to make sure the process goes quickly and smoothly. Below you will find the benefits you can enjoy by using a registered agent to create your Montana LLC.

Reasons You Need a Montana LLC Registered Agent

Although you can create a Montana LLC and file your Articles of Incorporation on your own, it’s in your best interest to use a reputable registered agent. Some of the reasons you need a Montana LLC registered agent include compliance with Montana law, avoiding the difficulty of dealing with creating your business from afar, avoiding mistakes that cost time and money, and maintaining your LLC for years to come. Learn more about each of these reasons below.

  1. It’s the law. Under Montana law, each LLC must designate an agent for service of process in the state. A registered agent is an individual or business which accepts legal papers on behalf of your LLC if you get sued.

  2. You’re out-of-state. It’s likely you do not live in Montana and wish to create a Montana LLC to reap the tax benefits. Not only is it inconvenient to try to handle creating your LLC from out-of-state, but you need a valid Montana street address to create your LLC. A registered agent who is located in Montana can help you with your paperwork and provide the street address you need to create your Montana LLC. Additionally, a registered agent will also provide the registration address for any vehicle, recreational vehicle, boat, or any other large equipment you buy, making it easier to get titles and vehicle renewals.

  3. Avoid costly mistakes. When you wish to create a Montana LLC and you live out of state, you must file additional paperwork applying for permission to do business in Montana. The simplest mistake on your application or on filing your Articles of Confederation can cost you valuable time and money. Registered agents are experts in Montana LLCs who know the ins and outs of the application process. An agent can ensure your paperwork is in order to save you time and money.

  4. Maintain your LLC. Each year you need to pay an additional fee and file yearly reports to maintain your LLC with the State of Montana. Additionally, you must also pay additional vehicle renewal fees on an annual basis if your LLC purchases vehicles and equipment. A registered agent can maintain your LLC and file reports on your behalf, so you don’t miss important deadlines. Failure to maintain your LLC might result in fines or automatic dissolution. If this happens, you risk losing the limited liability protection you have under your business.

Hire LLCTLC to be your Registered Agent

In addition to providing compliance with state law, using a Montana LLC registered agent can help you save time and money by ensuring your paperwork is accurate when you create your LLC and helping you avoid automatic dissolution by maintaining your business. Additionally, a registered agent provides all the addresses you need for your LLC, vehicle purchases, titles, and renewals. Finally, a registered agent can notify you of upcoming filing deadlines for your LLC and vehicle renewals, ensuring your LLC is maintained and you don’t risk losing your protected status.

Having served thousands of clients over the last two decades, MT Vehicles is here to serve as your Montana LLC registered agent and help you file necessary documents. Our team of skilled registered agents can guide you through the creation of your Montana LLC, so you can start to enjoy the benefits as soon as possible. Contact one of our expert Montana LLC Registered Agents today online or at (877) 913-5100 for more information.


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