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How to protect your boating investment

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Purchasing a boat is a big and exciting decision that will bring you and your family plenty of fun for years. After spending countless hours conducting thorough research on which boat works best for you, you've finally made your decision. Now, it's time to protect your purchase, both physically and financially.

learn how to protect your boating investment

Whether it's a boat cover or insurance, your boat will last much longer with the proper protections in place. But what exactly is boat insurance, and how does it work? How do I know a good boat cover from a bad one? You'll find the answer to these questions and many more in this post. Stick around to the end!

Boat Insurance

Some homeowner's insurance policies cover your boat. This can often be the case in the US, where a homeowner's policy covers boats in case of theft, or damage due to an accident. However, this coverage is often limited to boats with a horsepower between 25 and 100.

For a bigger boat, you will need separate boat insurance.

Boat insurance is not legally required in the US, except in the Utah and Arkansas. In many other countries and within the US, you can own a boat without insurance. But remember, insurance isn't just for legality- it's to protect your investment.

Boat Covers

A boat cover is not just an accessory. It actually helps protect your investment. A properly fitted boat cover can also discourage theft. It keeps moisture and mold away from your boat, keeps it clean from dust and debris, and prevents sun damage. Covering the boat properly will also help keep animals out.

A properly fitted cover will cover most of your boat; there shouldn't be any gaps for moisture or mold to grow in. With that said, a custom-made cover will fit your boat perfectly and, in turn, will prove a lot beneficial to you.


The right storage for your boat can depend on a number of factors. One of the major factors to consider is how long you need to store it, and what kind of weather conditions you live in.

Storing a boat in your home garage can be a great option, as it costs you nothing. But preparing your garage can mean some additional work. You might have to rearrange lots of things. But if you already have enough space in the garage to store a boat, then go for it!

Outdoor storage is another good option. One of the best advantages of storing your boat outdoors is that it can stay near water, so you’ll save yourself the hassle of towing the boat from home every time you're headed for the water. However, marinas do charge a fee for storing your boat.

A boat is a serious investment for anyone- there's no need to subject yourself to additional costs due to negligence. After all, many insurance policies don't cover damages caused due to carelessness. Therefore, make sure to make the right decisions at the right time. Protect your boat by purchasing a custom-made boat cover, and by storing your boat in the right place.

You can also save money today by registering your boat with an LLC. At LLCTLC, we register your vessel right here in Montana, which means no sales tax on your life-changing purchase. Happy Sailing!

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