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Trailering Your Boat

Updated: Jun 3

Trailering your boat is essential for maintaining your boat over the long term- that wear and tear can become costly if not properly cared for. With a trailer, cleaning and repairing a boat becomes a much easier job than if you were to store it in the water during the off-season. It's also easier to secure a trailered boat, whether it be in your own garage or in protected storage.

Logistics aside, the greatest advantage of trailering a boat is that you can explore tons of new places. You can take a trailered boat just about anywhere. That being said, let's take a look at some useful tips and best practices for trailering your boat.

Towing Preparation

Picking the right truck to tow your boat is very important, and it all comes down to how much your boat weighs. The combined weight of the boat and trailer should be less than the maximum capacity of the tow vehicle.