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How to Make Your SxS Street-Legal with Montana Tags

Realizing the Potential of Your SxS with Montana Tags

The rush of riding your SxS off-road is an unparalleled experience. But imagine the possibilities if your SxS could also be driven on public roads. With Montana tags, this possibility becomes a reality. Montana's flexible vehicle registration laws allow you to make your SxS street-legal with Montana plates, expanding your riding opportunities beyond just the trails.

By legally registering your SxS in Montana, you can enjoy the freedom of the open road without worry. This opens up a whole new realm of adventures for SxS owners who are dying to take their SxS on the open road.

Understanding the Legal Aspects of Making Your SxS Street-Legal

The process involves forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Montana and registering the SxS under that company. This way, you're taking advantage of Montana's vehicle registration laws without maintaining your personal residence in the state.

However, it's essential to understand that once your SxS is street-legal, you must adhere to the specific regulations of any state you're driving in. This includes obeying traffic laws and carrying appropriate insurance coverage. It's recommended to seek professional advice from our trusted registered agents to navigate the legal requirements of Montana LLC formation.

Why Choose Montana Tags Instead of Registering in Your Home State

Why you would choose to register your SxS in Montana instead of your home state? There are two different, very compelling answers:

Many States Won’t Allow SxSs to be Registered as Street-Legal

In Montana, your SxS can be registered for both street-legal and off-road use. At LLCTLC, we offer an affordable Street-Legal SxS Package that includes setting up a Montana LLC and the fees for plates, title, and street-legal registration for your SxS. This means that your SxS will be street-legal and permanently registered, so there are no annual vehicle renewal fees from your state of residence.

Most states don’t allow for any resident to register their SxS for street use at all. Others allow street-legal registration for your SxS, but with restrictions.

Montana has other standout qualities as well: no sales tax, no inspections, and easy-to-meet registration requirements.


Montana doesn't charge sales tax on vehicle purchases. This means you could potentially save a couple hundred dollars when purchasing and registering your SxS with Montana tags as opposed to your home state, especially if you reside in a state with high sales tax rates. For example, if you're from New York, where the sales tax can be as high as 8.875%, that's a significant amount of cash we can keep in your pocket! And as a bonus, SxSs have permanent registration status in Montana, so the state will not charge an annual renewal for new Montana tags each year. Once you’re registered, you’re good to go!

Why Registered Agents are Essential for Acquiring Montana Tags

The process of acquiring Montana plates for your SxS and making it street-legal may seem out of reach, particularly for out-of-state residents. But this is where a registered agent comes into play.

Our registered agents are authorized to receive and handle official paperwork on your behalf, and represent you at the DMV. We file your Montana LLC, a prerequisite to acquiring Montana tags for your SxS and manage the registration process, ensuring every detail is taken care of accurately and on time. We also file your annual report each year - a requirement of all Montana LLCs.

LLCTLC: Your Reliable Partner for Montana Tags and Montana LLC Formation

As a well-established Montana registered agent, LLCTLC is dedicated to helping you unlock the benefits of Montana vehicle registration. We offer Montana LLC creation services with a process designed to make the experience seamless for our clients. When it comes to getting your Montana tags, we handle everything with the DMV on your behalf, ensuring every step of the process is handled professionally and on time.

Our team prides itself on offering personalized service and guidance, taking the stress out of both LLC formation and vehicle registration. We also guarantee your plates within 21 business days of receiving your title work, getting you on the road faster.

How Montana Registration Widens Your Horizons

Acquiring Montana plates for your SxS opens up a world of opportunities. No longer limited to private or designated off-road trails, you can now embark on cross-country adventures, blending the thrill of off-roading with the convenience of street driving. Moreover, Montana's permanent registration for side-by-sides and lack of sales tax mean you can invest more in your SxS, enhancing it with top-of-the-line modifications, or perhaps even expanding your fleet. It's about more than just making your SxS street-legal; it's about expanding your freedom to explore. With Montana tags, the world is your playground.

Financial Benefits of Registering Your SxS with Montana Tags

Montana levies no sales tax on vehicles, providing savings for high-value SxS models. Imagine spending zero dollars on sales tax rather than handing over a significant percentage of your vehicle's price. This could result in hundreds of dollars in savings, which you can allocate towards upgrading your SxS or funding your next adventure.

Trust LLCTLC for Your Montana SxS Registration

With years of experience navigating the intricacies of Montana vehicle registration and LLC creation, LLCTLC has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, and Montana’s highest-rated registered agent.

We maintain a strong commitment to communication, ensuring you're always in the loop about the progress of your LLC formation and registration. Our team takes great pride in assisting clients achieve their goals and realize street-legal status and financial savings. With LLCTLC, your needs are our priority!

Embark on Your Street-Legal Adventure with LLCTLC

With the help of LLCTLC, making your SxS street-legal is straightforward and stress-free. Our team is ready to assist you in establishing a Montana LLC and acquiring your Montana tags. Start exploring the world beyond the trail and begin your next adventure today!


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