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How to Make Your SxS Street Legal

Have you dreamt of getting your SxS street legal? There are only a few steps you need to take to make your SxS street legal! Here’s how to register a street legal SxS:

  1. Select a Montana Registered Agent like us, who will handle all of your LLC set up, vehicle registration, and annual reports.

  2. Set up a Montana LLC: First we’ll set up your Montana LLC and register with the Montana Secretary of State. Your street legal SxS will be owned by your LLC, so this is a very important first step.

  3. Street Legal SxS Checklist: To make your UTV street legal, you will need to make sure you complete each item on the street legal SxS checklist. This will ensure your quadricycle is road ready!

  4. Obtain Montana Tags: To drive your SxS on public roads in your home state, you will need to obtain Montana tags and a Montana license plate. Montana Registered Agent LLCTLC will handle all of this for you, so you never have to step foot in Montana or call our local DMV. We fully represent you, your SxS, and your Montana LLC!

    1. Bonus: Montana provides PERMANENT SxS/UTV/ATV/quadricycle motorcycle, boat, and trailer registration. Therefore, once you receive your Montana license plate and Montana tags, no annual registration or tag renewal is required!

  5. Obtain insurance: You will also need to obtain insurance for your UTV to drive it on public roads legally. We recommend you check with your current insurance provider first to see if they offer insurance for street-legal UTVs/SxSs. If you hit a wall with your agent, we have other agents we can recommend and will insure you.

  6. Self-inspection: After achieving the items on the checklist, getting your Montana tags & license plate, and becoming insured you will perform a “self-inspection” of your quadricycle. This is done on the honor system, as Montana does not require vehicle inspections or emissions tests. Instead, you’ll sign off on your own inspection.

  7. Follow all traffic laws: Once your SxS/UTV is street-legal, be sure to follow all traffic laws and regulations. This includes obeying speed limits, using turn signals, and following all other traffic laws.

What if I get pulled over? If you do get pulled over by law enforcement in your street-legal SxS/street-legal UTV, you’ll have all of the necessary documentation that shows your Montana LLC owns the vehicle and therefore you are legal to ride on the road.

For more information on street-legal SxS requirements, visit You may also check out our street-legal checklist to see what’s required.

Street Legal SxS FAQ

Can you drive a UTV or SxS on the road in Montana? Yes! Because of this, you can use a Montana Registered Agent to start a Montana LLC and make your SxS/UTV street legal in the state that you live in with Montana tags. (Montana vehicle registration.) SxS, UTV, ATV, and quadricycles are all street-legal in Montana.

My SxS title says "off-highway/off-road only" - can I still register it to be street-legal? Yes! Montana will register and title your SXS/ATV/UTV as a street-legal quadricycle, even if your current ownership document says “off-highway/off-road only".

Can you make ANY UTV or SxS machine street-legal? Montana will issue a street legal registration for any vehicles that: A) meet all requirements on the self-inspection checklist and B) have the appropriate ownership documents

What happens if I get pulled over in my street legal SxS? WILL I get pulled over? If this happens, you’ll present your valid driver's license, Montana vehicle registration, and insurance and explain that your street-legal UTV is registered in Montana and meets all of Montana's necessary street-legal requirements.

Do I have to transfer the title and registration to my home state after using your services? Because we set up a Montana LLC and your LLC owns your street legal UTV, you will not have to do any transferring of title and registration as long as your Montana LLC is active.

Because your Montana LLC owns the vehicle, you are protected from any state laws that require you to transfer title/registration within a certain number of days.

Is it illegal to have my street legal UTV or Street Legal SxS registered in Montana? No! Since your Montana LLC technically owns your vehicle, it is completely legal and you are protected from any state laws that require you to transfer title/registration within a certain number of days.

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