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Traveling the Arizona Peace Trail

Updated: Jun 29

For avid outdoors people and adventurers, no vehicle compares to the power and flexibility of a Side by Side. For semi-retired aviation instructor Al Roden, the vehicle has become the conduit of his premiere passion and past time since moving to Arizona.

Al's street legal SxS (Side by Side) Road trip across the county with his dogs

“When we moved from Texas to Arizona, I was shocked to discover just how much public land the state had,” Roden said. “Immediately, I felt called to explore the trails and see how far they went.”

But Al wasn’t sure what vehicle would be best. A close friend recommended getting a Side by Side (SxS) as they could handle rough off-road terrain, and were street legal in Arizona. Per his friend’s advice, Al bought a Honda Series X and began to adventure across the Arizona Peace Trail, a 675-mile trail loop within the state.

Traveling the Arizona Peace Trail in a Street Legal SXS

His initial exploration of Arizona was simply the tip of the iceberg for Al, who soon decided to see just how far north he could travel in his SxS.

“I wanted to go north as far as I could,” Roden said. “Once I got to the Canadian border, they turned me around and sent me back.”

He ran into trouble in Colorado on the long journey back to Arizona. Although he had highway registration for his SxS, troopers in the state forced him to take a different route. This encounter led him to search for a solution to avoid this type of conflict in the future. He ran across LLCTLC and our convenient registration and LLC management services in his search.