• Britta Cech

Average Price for a Ferrari

Updated: Jun 3

We’re not talking about the common sports car production here; we’re talking about a car manufacturer that can sell a mere collector’s item representing the real deal for over $10,000 to sit on your living room bookshelf! That’s right, Ferrari rolls out some of the classiest designer and custom vehicles in the world. When you’re looking to purchase one of these beauties, you can expect to find a price tag that reflects the prestige associated with the name. Even so, there are a few elements that will affect the average price for a Ferrari.

Newest basic Ferrari models range in price from the entry level Portofino starting at $214,533, to the 812 Superfast (able to reach speeds over 200 mph) starting at $315,00. Of course, these figures will climb depending on the additional features that come with your new ride. The new 488GTB is another example of Ferrari finery, able to go from zero to 60 in only 3 seconds (or even less than 3 seconds with the 488 Pista limited edition, starting at $350,000). The basic 488GTB starts at $256,550 and is a classic 2-seater that can turn heads wherever it roars its twin-turbo V-8 engine.

Custom Cars and Specialty Designs

When it comes to pricing on exotic cars like Ferraris, it’s kind of hard to pin down a good representative average; let’s just say that the sky’s the limit! Ferrari offers the