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REMINDER: If you plan to finance your vehicle through a bank, you MUST speak with your lender and get approval. Call us for more info on registering a financed vehicle: (877) 913-5100

Our Diamond Package includes:

  • The Montana LLC set up with ‘Armored Privacy’

  • An operating agreement template, personal mailbox number, and free mail forwarding

  • Registration for either one “luxury vehicle” or two standard vehicles.

    • Luxury vehicles are passenger vehicles newer than 11 years old with an MSRP over $150,000 or motor homes newer than 11 years old with an MSRP over $300,000. 


When we file your Montana LLC with Armored Privacy, we also file an LLC in New Mexico, and list that as the manager of your Montana LLC.  When an LLC is filed in New Mexico, it is not required to list any member (owner) information. That way, neither your name nor address is listed on either of the LLC filings. Anyone interested in the company could only gain access to a name and contact information with a subpoena in both New Mexico and Montana (having to file suit in both states is an enormous deterrent--hence “Armored").

When you sign up for an Armored Privacy option, we include an operating agreement for your Montana LLC. This is a privately-held document that is kept by the members of the LLC. This is especially important, as it is the only proof of who the members of the LLC are.


Annual Renewal Fees of $865 are due every January, which includes our registered agent fees for the year, the fees for your ‘Armored Privacy’ option, and the filing of your annual report as required by the Montana Secretary of State’s office to keep your LLC active.


We can register additional vehicles to your Montana LLC for a flat-rate fee of $545 per vehicle, unless the vehicle is subject to Luxury Tax.

NOTE: If you are financing the purchase of your vehicle, please check with your lender about what they need to see in your Montana LLC filing prior to signing up with us. This is because your lender may require that your personal name be listed as a member of the LLC on the filing, in which case our armored privacy level would not satisfy the lien-holder.

How To Purchase A Vehicle With Your LLC - LLCTLC Montana Registered Agents
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