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Starting a Wyoming LLC

 Wyoming offers their LLC owners the advantage of no state income tax or capital gains tax and minimal paperwork and fees to maintain your Limited Liability Company. Take advantage of Wyoming's friendly business climate and create a Wyoming LLC today to save money.

  • A Wyoming LLC offers its members and managers a high degree of liability protection from lawsuits. Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your company establishes it as a distinct entity, responsible for its own liabilities and debts — NOT the owners. 

  • No traveling is required to form your LLC. We can file all the paperwork on your behalf and act as your Registered Agent for any in-person needs, like mail forwarding.

  • Choose the friendly, experienced, professional staff at LLCTLC for your Wyoming LLC creation. LLCTLC can also create corporations, including Wyoming Subchapter S Corporations and Wyoming C Corporations.

  • Although you are required to have a representative and Wyoming address to keep your LLC in good standing, you are not required to list member or manager names.


Wyoming has the most protective charging order laws — meaning, your LLC assets are safe from personal liabilities, even if you're the sole owner of the LLC. Unlike California and Colorado, creditors cannot force the sale of an LLC's assets and must wait for distributions.

Privacy laws are also unparalleled in Wyoming. Reporting and disclosure obligations are minimal, and Wyoming LLC ownership is not kept in the state's public records. During the lifetime of your Wyoming LLC, no manager or member name is required to be publicly listed.


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