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How Do I Register My LLC with the Government?

Please note: LLCTLC is not a Federal Representative, and bears no responsibility for tax filings. For additional questions, be sure to consult a tax representative.

Just say no to value-added county taxes.
Other Registered Agents may charge you up to 0.7 percent of a new vehicle’s sticker price for a new vehicle registration under your LLC. LLCTLC can eliminate even this small fee by registering your LLC's vehicles through one of our four state agencies. Many RV full-timers, car collectors, and airplane owners prefer Montana LLCs for managing movable property. Montana LLCs, for example, pay 0% sales tax and save thousands of dollars.
Now you can save thousands by registering your brand new motorhome or exotic car for just one low fee, regardless of the vehicle’s actual purchase price.

LLC Types & Taxes
There are a number of different LLCs and how the file taxes work a little differently. The IRS classifies an LLC as a corporation, a partnership, or a taxable disregarded entity.

The two types of LLCs include:

A Multi-Member LLC

LLCTLC - Register A Multi-Member LLC

A multi-member LLC can elect to be a partnership or a corporation. If a corporation owns the disregarded entity, it is considered a division of the corporation.

A Single-Member LLC

LLCTLC - Register A Single-Member LLC

A single-member LLC can elect to be a taxable disregarded entity or a corporation. If one person owns the disregarded entity, it is considered sole proprietorship.

Does a Single-Member LLC Need a Federal Tax ID?


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How does an LLC help with my taxes?

By forming your LLC with us in Montana, New Mexico, or Wyoming, you'll get to take advantage of these states 0% tax rates when it comes to LLC purchases. 

What documents do I need to file?

You'll need a Federal tax ID number or an Employer Indentification Number (EIN). This number is issued by the IRS. LLCTLC will help you with the process. 

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Am I responsible for filing my LLC's taxes?

Yes, as the owner of your LLC, you are responsible for filing taxes every year. 

Typically, a single-member LLC does not need a Tax ID number, as the individual's Social Security number can be used for federal income tax purposes. The LLC's business activities will be reported on the owner's federal tax returns.

However, as a federal tax ID number is needed to open a business bank account or conduct other business activities, many single-member LLCs obtain a federal tax ID for their LLC. 

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Let us help you start an LLC in Montana, New Mexico, or Wyoming, letting you know the specific benefits offered by each state. 
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Vehicle Registration

Your cars, motorcycles,
ATVs, RVs, UTVs, luxury cars, trailers, boats, and aircraft can all be registered under your LLC.
montana registered agent llc formation


As an LLC owner, some states will require you to keep your LLC paperwork on file with a Registered Agent who has a local office in that state. 
montana registered agent llc formation


LLCs are required to file annual reports. LLCTLC will remind you when reports are due, and file them for you.
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