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Starting a New Mexico LLC

 New Mexico offers their LLC owners the advantage of no annual state fees or filings, no franchise taxation, and anonymous ownership. New Mexico's filing process is also fast, meaning your LLC can be set up quickly.

  • The simplicity of starting an LLC and the benefits that come with it make them the go-to entity for most small businesses. The "corporate veil" of a Limited Liability Company helps protect you in the case of a lawsuit, and LLCs receive more tax benefits than Sole-Proprietorships.

  • The only annual requirement in New Mexico is to have an in-state Registered Agent. As your Registered Agent, we’ll receive and forward your mail, annual report, and any legal documents for your New Mexico company. 

  • LLCTLC can help you incorporate New Mexico LLCs and New Mexico Corporations, including New Mexico Subchapter S Corporations and New Mexico C Corporations.


You don’t have to live in New Mexico or even physically visit the state to form and operate a New Mexico LLC. New Mexico's privacy laws allow businesses to be filed with the Secretary of State with no member or manager names, which can help keep all your information off the public record.

Anonymity is an advantage when dealing with creditors or frivolous lawsuits. Start growing your wealth and safeguarding your assets with a New Mexico LLC today!


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