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Starting a Montana LLC

As experienced registered agents in the state of Montana, we can help you form your LLC, file your paperwork, and enjoy the tax savings that come with owning a Montana LLC.

  • When you choose us, there’s no confusion – we handle everything for you. We provide you with all of the paperwork needed to file your LLC.

  • A Montana LLC benefits from the process of flow through taxation to ensure there are no double taxation of corporate and individual tax.

  • Montana is also one of the states with the lowest business costs.

  • Montana is consistently ranked by financial experts as one of the top business states in America. Not only are businesses free of paying and collecting sales tax, the state provides incentive programs such as financial assistance for trade show marketing.

  • State loan programs allow you to get fixed-rate financing up to 25 years.

    There's no need to travel to Montana to form your LLC; we help you create your LLC from the comfort of home and act as your registered agent so you don’t need to search for your own.


The Montana State Small Business Credit Initiative Program is a great tool for anyone registering a new company in the state. The program helps facilitate small business lending and investments.

As an LLC, you will have the limited liability protection of a corporation. Unlike a typical partnership in which profits are evenly split, LLCs allow more flexibility in profit distribution among members. While corporations must formally document minutes, meetings and resolutions, these requirements do not apply to LLCs, making them much easier to manage.

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