As experienced Registered Agents in the state of Delaware, we can help you form your LLC, file your paperwork, and enjoy the tax savings that come with owning a Delaware LLC.

The state of Delaware has a specific process to follow for forming a Limited Liability Company.

  • When you choose us, there’s no confusion — we handle everything for you.

  • We provide you with all of the paperwork needed to file your LLC.

  • We make sure the LLC formation process is completed smoothly and quickly.

  • We can act as your registered agent so you don’t need to search for your own.

  • LLCs are not required to file an annual report in Delaware, but they are required to pay an annual franchise tax. The Delaware Division of Corporations will remind you in advance when the renewal date is approaching so your LLC can remain in good standing. As your Registered Agent, we will forward that reminder to you.

  • There's no need to travel to Delaware to form your LLC; we help you create your LLC from the comfort of home.


A Delaware LLC has several benefits. First, no annual report needs to be filed if you do business outside of Delaware. If you do plan to do business outside of Delaware, this is a good state to file in because you won’t have to pay corporate tax. 


Additionally, this state has a special legal system set up to handle Delaware corporate law cases. This means lawsuits are resolved more quickly than in other states.